Compete for cash prizes and earn credibility by winning the prestigious Teen CEO award from one of the top high school business competitions in the state. Connect with business leaders who are passionate about helping students fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. This year the competition will take place at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

How To Enter.

If you have not applied before, please click the REGISTER link and follow the instructions in the document to apply.

Applications are accepted until 11:59 P.M. PST on January 28, 2015. No late entrants will be accepted.

If you have problems with the application, please contact Rita Smith at rsmith@lwsd.org.

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To be eligible to participate in Teen CEO, each student must be enrolled at a high school in the Lake Washington School District and own their own business. Businesses that are co-owned by parents and/or other adults do not qualify.

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Judging and Prizes.

Cash prizes will be awarded based on the judging criteria with amounts and number of prizes determined by the quality of the plans and presentations. Judges have final determination of the number and size of awards. Total cash prizes may amount up to $5000.

Factors reviewers will be considering include:
1. Visual presentation
2. Oral presentation
3. Description of business and/or product
4. Market opportunity
5. Marketing and promotional plan
6. Financial overview
7. Use of honorarium